Dear Peoples.

The Old Chaser Farm offers a farm and larder share program. This is available during the growing season, running for 20 weeks from late May through early October.  Each family share is created for an average  family of four. It not only incorporates the fresh organic produce and larder items from Old Chaser Farm on Vashon Island, but also includes hand-selected wines and tasting notes from our wine bar in Seattle, Bar Ferdinand.  For many years we have included eggs from our amazing laying hens and the revered, crazed after bread from Michael Sanders Plane Bread.  This year, we are not including it, and the price reflects that. You can still get the eggs, and the bread at the weekly Wednesday Night Market in Chophouse Row.  You can also get the bread, anytime, by visiting  To make this easier, and to give more diversity and hand selection to your Larder Share, we have included a $500 gift card.  This card is redeemable at Bar Ferdinand and can be used to purchase wine from our bottle-shop, Michael’s “Plane” bread at the night market, additional Old Chaser Farm produce and goods from the night market, tickets and goods at our annual “Sparklefest”, as well as just coming in to Bar Ferdinand and having dinner, a snack or just a glass.


$2150.00 | Pick up is at Bar Ferdinand in Chophouse Row, Capitol Hill - Seattle

Each week our shareholders can expect: 

  • A bottle of wine, cider or beer, thoughtfully procured for the season.  
  • A seasonal variety of farm and larder goods
  • A selection of Beautiful products from a few of our friends in the PNW food community, like Harbor Herbalist Teas, Brita Fisher Florist, Foraged & Found Wild Foods, Tonnemaker Family Orchards and others.  
  • Along with the weekly items, youwill also find notes and recipes pertaining to everything in the box.  
  • And like we mentioned above, you can add on anything we have at our farm stand during the Wednesday night market.

Here are some things you may see in yourbox and that will also be available for add-ons at our farmstand at theWednesday Night Market in Chophouse row:

Some fruits and vegetables we grow: 
Lettuces - Hearty Greens like Kale, Chard & Mustards - Chicories - Arugula - Spinach - Radishes - Turnips - Peppers - Onions - Garlic - Leeks - Cabbages - Broccoli - Cauliflower - Tomatoes - Potatoes - Delicata and Kaboch Winter Squash - Summer Squash and Zucchini - Apples, Pears and Tree Fruits - Eggplant - Asian Radishes &Daikons - Beans - Herbs - Fennel - Carrots - Black and Blueberries

Some fruits and vegetables we find: 
Morels - Porcini - Chanterelles - StingingNettles - Watercress - Black Walnuts - Feral Apricots

Old Chaser Farm Larder Items & OtherInteresting Finds: 
Wild and Medicinal Tea Mixes - Single Varietal Shade Grown Coffees - Herbal Salts - Yogurt and other dairy products - Dashi Kits - Hand Salve - Pickles - Preserves - Shrubs - Syrups - and many many more items.

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